Gooseberry Mess

Gooseberry Mess

Deliciously naughty for you……..

I used pink sweet dessert gooseberries, but you can use green gooseberries too. See also Gooseberries and Custard post.

Made enough for 3 servings.

150 g gooseberries,
50g light brown soft sugar
1 small meringue (see recipe) or meringue nest
100 ml double cream
1. Top and Tail the gooseberries and drop them into a small pan. Add a tiny trickle of water, pop on lid and place on heat.
2. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes or until the gooseberries are tender. Check for sweetness, adding more sugar to taste if needed. Remove from heat and tip into a bowl to cool.
3. Whisk the cream til soft peaks, then crush the meringue into small pieces over the surface. Add the cooled gooseberries to the bowl and fold in gently.
Serve as soon as you can…..

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