Kitchen Garden No. 2 Late July – Watch this little space…..

This is my Grampy with his prize onions….like my dad he was a very keen amateur gardener……this green fingered gene seems to have evaded me completely.I never usually think I have the time, space, patience or inclination for gardening, …….but I do love having some fresh herbs at hand, so I’m going to attempt growing a selection of these and a few other edible things with posts on here following my amateur triumphs…..and failures!……lets hope I remember and/or can be bothered to water them……

In my first kitchen garden post, My Kitchen garden – It’s not much, but it’s mine…… I showed you my little space I (very) loosely call my kitchen garden!……and here it is a about 3 weeks later…..early days, early days…..

I had found sound advice on Allotment Vegetable Growing on what I could still plant in July to harvest in the next couple of months…

”things that grow really quickly, like lettuce, radish, rocket, spinach, turnips, beetroot and carrots, and that I may still find tomato, cucumber and sweetcorn plants available.”


I went on a search to garden centres, car boot sales, a community garden and market stalls….I only managed to get tomato out of that list above, but I bought a couple of other things too.

I had already bought a bay tree and I still owned  a scraggy old rosemary plant. I then bought, thyme, fennel, mint, basil, tarragon and sorrel (recipes to follow soon as this grows)…..and I still need to buy a sage plant……


I found inspiration in this cute handbag plant pot I saw below, (at the very lovely Mayow Park Community Garden in Sydenham, S.E London) to use almost anything to plant things in. I drilled some holes in the bottom of a plastic tub and a kid’s plastic bucket and I found some old plant pots in my mum’s garage.


I got myself some crocks, (bits of broken plant pots that you place in the bottom of each pot before you add the compost, to help with drainage.) from a garden centre. (a medium small tub full of crocks for £1, but you could use a few stones or pebbles.)

I’m worried it may be too late, but I’ve planted a French pumpkin in the large yellow tub too. Excited like a kid about that growing….

As I said I bought a tomato plant, which is only just in flower….

I had already bought a hanging basket ready planted with a cherry tomato plant. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and I’ve already had a crop of about 40 cherry tomatoes so far……

Oh yes, and a non edible Dahlia, (not shown) as this is one of my favourite flowers and the first Dahlia plant I’ve ever grown.

……to follow……

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