Rastamouse and Stylee’s “Proper Refreshing” Ginger Beer

I’m a new and devoted fan of Rastamouse. Love him.

Mouseland, where Rastamouse lives has it’s own delicious Ginger Beer made by the infamouse Stylee. But if you can’t get hold of any of Stylee’s Ginger Beer, then here’s a “Proper Refreshing” recipe I wrote for the Easy Crew…..it’s brewing right now (we can actually hear it bubbling and fermenting!) and will be ready to bottle in a day or two…..I’ll let you know….

 And here’s another recipe for ginger beer in an old cookbook of mine, Traditional Jamaican Cookery (Penguin 1985) by Norma Benghiat a well respected Jamaican cookery writer.

There has been some controversy on Rastamouse. Benjamin Zephaniah summed Rastamouse up for me: “It’s not the greatest representation of the community, and the accents are not very accurate, probably because people wouldn’t understand a real one.” “But it’s the first, so of course it is going to attract criticism. “On the whole, I’d rather have Rastamouse than not.”I say, lets just enjoy it for what it is, a simple, very well made, fun, stop-frame animation about a very cool, honest mouse and his mates with a moral attitude, “Makin’ a bad ting good!”


Oh yea and here’s a Rastamouse dubstep remix…and Rastamouse’s Hot Hot Hot episode feat. Stylee and his Ginger beer…..

‘Hot Hot Hot’ episode featuring Stylee and his famous ginger beer on iplayer
It’s too hot to jam but the Easy Crew must arrange a surprise party to track down a very selfish mouse. It’s hot hot hot in Mouseland and the Easy Crew head up to Misty Falls to cool down. But they are in for a shock when they discover the waterfall has dried up. In Grove Town a new face on the block seems to be making a fortune selling Stylee’s Ginger Beer.

However, when the taps run dry at the orphanage the President summons Rastamouse. It seems the dried up waterfall and the sales of this new brand of Ginger Beer might be connected. But who is this Stylee and how’s he responsible for the taps running dry?

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