Kitchen Garden No.3 Early August

Ok, so the kitchen garden (cough! cough!) in the space behind my front door, is starting to take shape and I’ve now added some spearmint, (to make some mint cordial) sage and a purple sage (purple as it looks pretty), and flat leaf parsley and then I jumbled and piled everything up with some non edible plants, (including another bright yellow Dahlia) some plastic fruit and veg and here we are.

I have some lovely vintage T.G Green mixing bowls who’s bases have sadly cracked and aren’t any good for liquids anymore. But Petra had the ingenious idea to use them as plant pots, as the cracks would be good for drainage! Brilliant. So I potted (with a couple of crocks in the base.) the purple sage in one and the parsley in an other. Good idea huh?! They probably wouldn’t survive a frost, so I guess I’ll bring the bowls in, in winter.

I’m praying for the pumpkin as both the flowers it had, fell off…..

Here’s how the garden looked last time. Kitchen Garden No.2 late July

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