Ginger Beer Recipe Rastamouse and Stylee’s “Proper Refreshing” Ginger Beer

As I said I’m a new fan of rastamouse……This is the tested and perfected version of my ginger beer recipe I made in his (and Stylee’s) honour. As I also said this mixture makes brilliant ginger beer ice lollies too.….and tomorrow I’m gonna use some to make some Ginger Beer Granita…..

Rastamouse and Stylee’s “Proper Refreshing” Ginger Beer Recipe – ‘Hot Hot Hot!’

This really is hot, sweet and refreshing. I prefer it without the yeast, but actually I like it either way. It will be slightly fizzy if you use yeast, but because I don’t add yeast,  I top it up over ice with soda water later. It’s really good.


300 g fresh ginger
6-8 limes, my limes were really juicy, but you’ll need about 200 ml
1.25 kg dark brown, golden caster or granulated sugar, see note below.
20 g cream tartar
1 teaspoon dried yeast, optional

1. Grate the ginger skin and all into a large pot. Squeeze the juice from the limes and pour into the pot with 5 litres of cold water.

2. Bring to a boil then pour over the sugar and cream of tartar in a large bowl. Stir until the sugar has dissolved then leave to cool, then cover and refrigerate for 24 hours.

3. Next day strain the ginger beer through some muslin (or kitchen paper) and bottle. I used preserving jars, beacause I had no bottles. Dilute about 50/50 with sparkling water or soda water and serve chilled over lots of ice. “Proper refreshing!”…. A shot of dark rum stirred in will be very nice too…..squeeze of lime, or two…..

….If using yeast, then follow as above but in step 2. let the mixture cool until lukewarm. Heat another 200 ml water till lukewarm too and stir in the yeast. Cover and leave until foaming then stir into the ginger, sugar and lime mix. Cover and leave to stand for 24 hours. Strain and bottle.


The beer will keep in the fridge for about a week, give or take.

…….I’ve stewed some plums and bought some Bison vodka and thinking of making some plum and ginger (with the ginger beer) cocktails tonight and accompany the cocktail with a ginger beer ice lolly……might a little hint of amaretto work?…….

I used these preserving jars as I didn’t have any bottles.

We did a tasting of this batch and the previous ginger beer recipe. See notes on previous recipe below……

In Petra and I’s taste test, we tasted the two batches of recipes, both with and without yeast, plus a can of ginger beer too. The can of ginger beer tasted quite insipid in comparison to what we had made. But I used to really like it.

How I changed the original recipe……  When I made the recipe above, I added yeast to only half the mixture. I found the ginger beer with the addition of yeast, created too much of a yeasty bitter after taste. We preferred it without. So I decided to make it again and try the recipe with less yeast, and brew for half as long…..

So I made half of the recipe with yeast (and less of it) as I really, didn’t like the bitter yeasty taste it gave, and half of the mixture without yeast.

I do prefer this ginger beer without yeast, but now I’ve reduced the quantity of yeast by 2/3 (1 teaspoon now instead of 1 tablespoon) and I’ve used dark brown sugar, it is really delicious too.  Up to you.

Little notes….

Sugar – I used 450 g golden caster sugar and 800 g soft light brown sugar, first as that is what I had. White sugar would be fine too, but a golden or light brown sugar gives the ginger beer a light caramel flavour. When I made it again I used dark brown sugar and it’s really delicious and gives it a whole other level of flavour.

Cream of Tartar – I’m not really sure why this is used in ginger beer. Cream of tartar is a salt, a by product of wine making. It doesn’t preserve it. Does it stabilise it? Does it affect the flavour? It is often used in soft drinks. Does it soften the flavour?

Confusing info on blogs and websites about it, and most of the information you find feels like it has been cut and pasted, many, many, many times!

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  4. Sabine Pils says:

    Mmmmmm….sounds and looks delicious! That is the key to the best of beer recipes! Continue with their experimentation.

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