Veg Box No.6

Veg box number 6 eh?! Life is speeding along….

So this week in my large lovely veg box from Organic Wick there is…carrots, leeks, spring onions, leek tart maybe……cucumber.…I’m making pickled cucumber to go with the corned beef this week….onions, tomatoes, aubergine and courgettes… that def calls for a ratatouille or caponata…..french beans, (but not Fine more like dwarf or bobby beans) a springy fresh lettuce, 2 avocadoes and a bag of spinach… a couple of salads too….I fancy another Nicoise…..In the medium fruit bag this week we have….organic peaches from Italy, a lovely big bunch of sweet grapes.….which will be lovely served after dinner in a shallow water bath with the water they have just been washed in…just need that warm weather….apricots….there is a recipe in my new book that has apricots poached whole with a  little piece of marzipan in the centre of each…..goey and yummy…..Watermelon well, wedges at anytime or maybe a salad with blackberries and feta,  (yes also in my new book!)…….

Right now I’m off to Zummerzet to see me ma……


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