Rhubarb cocktail…… and now for something completely flippant…….The Hackney Flippant…

And here is the Rhubarb cocktail……I’m naming it ‘Dinner at Mine,’ as it was created by cooking the rhubarb that I shot this week for the cover of my new book……Just add a spoonful of the rhubarb and vodka syrup, and top up with prosecco or cava…….light and summery…….but also very, very potent!…….

This is what I made last night whilst pondering riots, and whether I had anything decent to say about it.

I had this huge pile of rhubarb here in the studio and it really needed to be used. So I cooked it up and the result was this clear, gorgeous, cerise, sticky rhubarb syrup. So I added a bottle of vodka and have set it aside in the fridge to sit until Saturday to top up with some fizzy wine……
‘Dinner At Mine’ (Rhubarb Cocktail)

This is what I did with…….
2 kg trimmed rhubarb
1 kg granulated sugar
1 bottle vodka

1. I cut the rhubarb into 5 cm pieces and I gave them a quick rinse. I tipped these with just the water that clings to them into a large  pan.
2. In went the sugar then I covered the pan with a lid and slowly brought it to a boil. I stirred it a couple of times and cooked the rhubarb until it gradually became tender and collapsed. I whipped it off the heat and left it to cool.
3. Then I lined a large sieve with a piece of muslin, (an old clean t-shirt rag would do the trick, or just a fine sieve, if that’s what you’ve got.) and tipped all the cooked rhubarb into it and left it to sit overnight to gently drip through. (Don’t force it, or it will become cloudy) I had 1 litre of resulting syrup.
4. I then stirred in a bottle of vodka (wasn’t sure which to use, but went for a mid range Stolichnaya) into the syrup, then bottled it up in a couple of preserving jars and pushed it to the back of the fridge til Saturday……..
5. The syrup became the texture of wobbly jelly……I’ll make it again without adding the vodka….
……..With the remaining rhubarb pulp I made a huge Rhubarb and Almond Upside Down cake for Saturday too………
Here’s a little post update….My friends Neil and Stevie followed the recipe and then concocted their own version, (with a nod to another of my rhubarb cocktail recipes) topping up with ginger beer instead of the prosecco. I’m always going on about how I love people cooking up my recipes, but I really do!…..Here is the beauty above……Pic By Neil Ellis…..
Neil named it ‘The Hackney Flippant’ in honour of me as creator of recipe!……and here it is…

‘The Hackney Flippant’
1 part rhubarb syrup,
1.5 vodka, shake with ice
half fill glass with mix
top up with ginger beer (fivertree)
Add a sliver of stem ginger to the edge of the glass…..Brilliant!
Here’s what Neil had to say about it…..”Went down a storm at the Court Lane Gardening Club.”…..Lucky ol’gardeners eh?!…..

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