Corned Beef Step No.7

So the brisket for the corned beef has been in the brine for about a week now. Something has been nagging me that I should have cut the string when I bought it as the butcher had rolled and tied it. But I didn’t. Today I did.

Annoyed at myself for not listening to myself.

Brisket is a wide flat piece of meat and the brine does need to be able to slosh all around, all sides. So I’ve now opened up the meat and although the centre is pretty untouched by the brine, but I’m still going to cook and serve this up on Saturday, (2 days time) and it will be fine, well in fact really damn good and really tasty. I’ll let you know…..

Here’s steps 1-5 and step 6.

The menu for Saturday so far is….Rhubarb cocktails, corned beef and Red Flannel Hash, (with potato and beetroot) homemade bagels, green sauce, ratatouille, rhubarb and almond cake and ginger beer ice lollies……

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