Veg Box No.7

…….head been sore…..Oh dear…..The rhubarb cocktails were pretty potent, which I then followed with red wine, rose, and thank god, I only contemplated a cider too……So the head is sore and I’m weary, but I loved every minute of yesterday. A lot of love in the room. Menu and recipes will follow…

As I was busily running around yesterday cooking up lunch, there was no time to post up the weekly veg box from Organic Wick. It was a really good one, groaning with mid-late summer goodies. I’m really getting into this veg box malarky. Never expected to get so excited with anticipation.

This is what I did/am doing with the contents. Recipes, as I said, to follow…….

2 handfuls worth of  broad beans – green peppers below

courgettes – they went into my ratatouille yesterday

potatoes – I made Red Flannel Hash (with beetroot and potato) and these pots went in this.

tomatoes – I’ve kept these for salad…just a crumble of sea salt, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil…..maybe a few drips of vinegar and/or a little basil….

big bunch chives – Not keen on chives but will make an oil form it.

2 garlic bulbs garlic – Straight into the ratatouille…..

3 lemons – green lemons like we used to use in Sicily. Transported me back.

2 bulbs fennel – as above green lemons. Fennel salad I think.

Bag mushrooms – Don’t know yet.

Bunch radishes – we ate those for lunch. Perfect with the salt beef etc.

2 green peppers – oh no, I thought when I saw the green peppers. I really hate raw green pepper. But I roasted them, skinned them, deseeded them and whizzed them up with 2 cloves garlic, salt and pepper and the very inside of the broad beans which I had blanched, and Zoe had podded for me. We chomped into this as we all cooked and chatted together with a few of the homemade bagels chopped across into small pieces for dunking. Nice very nice.

In my medium fruit bag I got….

nice red apples – even thoough I haven’t tasted these yet, they somehow look like they’ve got loads of sweet old fashioned flavour.

yellow plums – Not ripe enough yet.

nectarine’s – breakfast tmoro with greek yoghurt if there’s any left.

bunch sweet black grapes – snacks

and another little watermelon – still haven’t used the one from last week, not sure yet…..

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