Veg Box No.8

So here it is my medium veg box from Organic Wick this week….

A bunch spring onions
A bundle of spinach
An Oakleaf lettuce
Small bunch radishes
A pile of carrots
2 large tomatoes
2 Romano peppers
1 cucumber
3 lemons 

In my medium Fruit bag from Organic Wick this week….

A bunch bananas
A bunch green grapes
6 apples
1 Charantais melon

I’m thinking time for some salads…..A cucumber and radish salad….A grape, apple and something nice salad….A white Gazpacho….

Then from Brian Roberts a local butchers on Roman Road, (195 Roman Road, London E2) A proper community butcher who roasts turkeys for the elderly at Christmas amongst other things. I bought a piece pork belly and some pork sausages….So roast carrot and tomato mash with rosemary and spring onion to go with the sausages….and the pork belly will probably be slow roasted with the lemon and rosemary……

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