Cucina Futurista – foodie performances and suppery pop-ups etc

Cucina Futurista

I’m actually quite new to the whole supper club/pop up restaurant/performance food things. But I’ve been lucky enough to go to, and be involved in, some amazing one’s so far. Young Turks @ The Clove Club in a disused 1980’s office block in Canary Wharf served just the sort of food I want to be treated to and the best rib of beef I’ve ever tasted.

At Caroline Hobkinson’s performance dinner Manifesten last year at The Trolley Gallery we ate sat on step ladders high in the ceiling. The table was winced down to us and the food up. (warm bunches of asparagus!) She served up a whole turbot, bought at Billingsgate that morning, on a layer of sardines, cherry tomatoes, samphire. It was gorgeous.

For her performance in Berlin, Caroline made massive blancmange tits with jelly nipples for her homage to La Grand Bouffe. (which I still haven’t watched all the way to the end.) A camera placed in a cooked pigs eye socket sitting on the table, filmed the occasion that was projected to the wall behind where we sat like a period painting.As I mentioned below, last Wednesday night saw me working with Caroline as her Mistress of ceremonies and choreographer of the evening at her Secret Sensory Supper in a Masonic Temple.

There were no eating implements, so the blind folded diners were fed by, (and had their hands washed by) a personal assistant! Massive black balloons floated above the table, each carrying a freshly baked bread roll, that was to be eaten with no hands and the centre piece main course was two spit roasted pigs, adorned by wings, parsnip teeth and served with tiny steamed apples. Hendricks gin was drunk through long tubes and hens eggs filled with chocolate praline were presented to the diners with a small mallet for cracking. It was brilliant! Check out review by Design Week blog, (although the shamanic master of ceremonies mentioned was actually me!)Then in May there was Bompass and Parr’s, Dining With Alice extravaganza in Norwich, with an interactive outdoor performance based on Alice in Wonderland. This was magical. I also remember an incredible sorrel and lemon ice lolly served in the bow of a ship surrounded by water on the first floor of a house in Belgravia they did for The Complete History of Food last year…..

La Cucina Futurista was at Vogue Fabrics in Dalston last week. I had been invited by Andy, AKA the brilliant pig nose wearing tranny, Ma Butcher, (no I’m not insulting her, she does wear a pig nose as part of her make-up.)  who is very naughty indeed.

Anyhow, I really hadn’t paid attention, and wasn’t sure what I was going to, except going on the title, I vaguely remembered there was a group of Italian artists who had used food in their art work…… The Futurist movement recognized that people “think, dream and act according to what they eat and drink” …..

Lots of people were crammed in someones front room, and it was a more homemade approach than those above, but no less good for it. Food wise, a bite of the sage and lemon fritters, sweetened by lemon, and salted with anchovy, crisped and juiced it’s way into my mouth. A heavenly moment. Then there was the strange pickled pumpkin, The texture remains almost raw but you know its not and it is a powerful spicy pickle, served with balsamic and buffalo mozzarella and so good! Oh yes and the lentils with the pork, well my stomach is still crying out for them now….

Futurists music was played, which was challenging enough, but was made really tedious by a woman moaning about it. I’ve never felt like slapping someone more. I don’t know what came over me. It must have been the music. Or was it the food?…..La Cucina Futurista was fun. Food came out really slowly, but it was their first night, so all forgiven.

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