AnOther Magazine new issue. Issue 21 Autumn/Winter 2011

You may or may not know, but at the end of last year I was asked by Jefferson Hack and Agata Belcen at AnOther Magazineto work with them to curate a show of birthday cakes designed by some of the worlds top fashion houses to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the magazine. The show of the cakes, Eat The Designer was at The Wonder Room in Selfridges on Oxford Street 17th February 2011. Here’s a time lapse film of the installation we all did through the night. We held a birthday party on the night 21 February 2011.

In January I also started to shoot my new cook book. I had been a food stylist and cookery writer for years and also I had written the column Cheat’s Dinner Party for 3 1/2 years (til earlier this year) in Stella magazine. I gave up food styling to start to take the pictures for a book of those menus and recipes. I styled it too using all my things. There were lots of pictures. Lots went on. Massive learning curve. It is officially published this Thursday, 13 October. (launch party 26th October) I am extremely proud of it. Dinner At Mine published by Kyle Books 2011. Look out for the rhubarb cover above.

Simon Smith’s work in progress for Givenchy cake a few days before show. Simon sent me regular image updates late into the night.

So back to the cake story. The team at AnOther Mag work like crazy, (their ears and fingertips burning constantly.) and amazing. I’ve never balanced and spun so many plates in my life, very nearly ran away and threw away the key, but even so, bizarrely, loved working with Jefferson, Agata, Jo, Abby, Grace, Laura, Zoe and later Ananda and Lucia.
All the cake makers were artists in their craft and each and every cake was created with love, passion, skill and imagination.
Suspended marshmallow cake by Luke Abby and Brett Redman for Calvin Klein.

There was a article on the cakes and designers in the last issue 20 of the magazine, but the new issue, pages 172-174 Issue 21 Autumn/Winter 2011 of AnOther Magazine, has images of the cakes taken by Dominic Davies. Biggest disappointment of all is the size of the images. What a shame as Dominic’s images of the cakes are stunning. Andrew Stellitano’s cake was missing from the line up which was also a shame, as it looked how Gucci, could make, tiramisu. But this was out of my editorial control. Cleverly written and this is my first proper interview I’ve given. Did I really say all that?

Check it out. Here’e the cover above and here’s the AnOther online link. There will be a recipe of mine from the book on their online magazine very soon. I’ll let you know.

But I need to properly mention all the cake makers and everyone who worked like crazy to create these brilliant creations and so much more. Thank YOu!!
Bompass and Parr
Paul Wayne Gregory
Simon Smith
Peggy Porschen
Brett Redman
Andrew Stellitano
Caroline Hobkinson
Julie Walsh
Luke Abby
Fabien at Hix
Ronny at Hix
Dominic Davies
Colin Martin
Roy Paterson
Rachel Mount
Aaron Johnson
Kitty Clark
Zoe Clark
Ed Smith

And all their teams.
Amazing love and cleverness.

Here are the video blogs I also made of the process of the project. They each link to AnOther’s website (except Part 4 which is to my blog.) articles than ran weekly alongside the video blogs leading up to the show. You’ll find all details of the cake makers and more on these.

Another Birthday Cake Part 1
AnOthe Birthday Cake Part 2
AnOther Birthday Cake Part 3
Another Birthday Cake Part 4

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