Roast aubergine and field mushroom on toast

If you don’t particularly like aubergines, I expect it’s because they have not been cooked properly. You need to cook aubergine really well all the way through so it gives up and becomes meltingly soft. Imagine that warm. Pure pleasure.

Roast Aubergine and Field Mushrooms on Toast

Roast chunks of aubergine in a roasting tin with a few generous glugs of olive oil. Season with salt, toss well and roast in a hot 200 C oven, for about 30 minutes, then chop a few field mushrooms roughly and toss with the aubergine.

Season with black pepper and stir in a little more oil if at all dry. Return to oven for about another 20-30 minutes or until the aubergine is really soft and the mushrooms tender. (they should be by now.)

Serve on hot buttered toast with a hot cup of tea.

You could add seasonings. You could top with an egg. No need.

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