Pear Cordial with Lemon and Bay

Pear Cordial with Lemon and Bay

Here’s the recipe of pear cordial I made up for the launch party of Dinner At Mine. (it’s very very easy!) We served it topped up with sparkling water as a soft drink and then we spiked it up with gin and Marsala for a delicious, long cocktail, “Lovely Pear.”
2 lemons
1 k g pears
1 k g golden caster or granulated sugar
1 litres water
5 bay leaves, plus extra as garnish
Lots of ice
Fizzy water or lemonade
Branch of bay in each
With a swivvle peeler, take fine strips of peel from the lemons then squeeze the juice from the lemons into a large bowl and peel, core and chop the pears into small pieces and toss them in the lemon juice as you go.
Pour the water and sugar into a large pan. Add the lemon strips and bring to a boil. Tip in the pears and lemon juice, bring back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 10-15 minutes or until the pear pieces are tender.

Remove from heat, leave to cool, then remove the bay leaves.

Strain and use the liquid to make cordial. Just dilute as any cordial, best served over ice and topped up with fizzy water…..could add a splash more lemon juice at end if wanted…..Eat the pieces of pear with natural yoghurt or as I’ve just discovered, the pear pieces are brilliant served with cheese…..The cordial will last about a week in the fridge……

Lovely Pear” Cocktail recipe here too….

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