Croutons – Spelt Soda Bread Croutons

I was boiling up some of the Mushroom Soup I had frozen, and fancied something with it, so I chopped up some stale Spelt Soda Bread (crust and all) into little cubes. Then I fried the croutons in a few tablespoons of oil, (olive or vegetable will do it.) and  I fried them for a few minutes, tossing and moving them around the pan til golden and crunchy.

If the pan gets dry, add a touch more oil. If it’s a bit oily, then wipe some of the oil out.

Tip out onto a plate and sprinkle with a few crumbs of sea salt, then sprinkle over the surface of your soup. There is something very, very good about a crunchy crouton in a spoonful of soup…..


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