Sloe Sloe

My sister Jane (Happy birthday Jane!) and my niece Sophie picked me these sloes in Somerset yesterday! How lucky am I?!

Sloes are little oval fruits found on a spikey plant. The fruit look like little blue-black plums or large black grapes. But these babies have a large hard stone and dry your tongue out with tanine as you bite it through the flesh. (though Jane and Sophie tried to convince me that these sloes were actually quite sweet, not dry and sour at all. Yea right!)

Jane’s Father-in-law Roy was infamous for his Sloe Gin. I was once very luckily given a 15 year old bottle, which was sweet, syrupy, gloopy and fragrant. I’m a gin lover, I’m from the countryside, I love it.

Don’t expect me to put a bottle away for 15 years. A year will be a killer. Perhaps we should make a date to taste it next year?…..

I’m going to freeze the sloes as Jane says that will make it easier. Usually you need to prick each sloe before bottling. But if you freeze them, they expand and split which is perfect. Watch this space…..Think I’ll try 3 different gins. Definitely Hendricks, then Gordon’s and Plymouth Gin unless you can suggest another one?….

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