Now it’s the night before Christmas Dinner At Mine…Treacle Toffee & Marshmallows….

Ok, I’ve made some treacle toffee, which tastes as it should. Kinda sweet, very sweet, but sour and hard and chewy, all at the same time.

I also had an experiment with marshmallows. I started with rose water marshamallows, nice, very nice, but then I conjured up, fennel and sesame marshmallows. I’ve renamed them Little Fluffy Clouds. Recipe to follow……

I’ve got a vat of vegetable stock, quietly bubbling away for tomorrow’s cookery lessons……Brown sugar mice  next….not sure how I’ll make those…..I’ll let you know ….Flossy has sorted out the christmas play list……I love it at the mo….how will I feel after a whole day of it….jingle bells, jingle bells…..

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