Kitchen Garden No.5 – It’s not much but it’s mine….

A few months ago, as you may know, I started a tiny kitchen garden outside my front door. Now, my dad was a good gardener, but it’s not apparent that any of his green fingered genius is in me. Plus, I always feel I don’t really have the time and can be forgetful when it comes to watering. So could I really be bothered?

I’ve only just picked, (they are very hardy) and used this little French Pumpkin I grew above, 2 days ago on New Years Eve. He may be small, (yes that’s a large teaspoon along side it.) but don’t be fooled, it’s a hefty little number. (850 g to be precise.) It had a thin skin. Hard, with yet a silky texture when raw and soft unformed seeds. If I’d managed to stunt it’s growth, it didn’t matter, it had the soft juicy, giving flesh that I wanted, and was spot on delicious.

For a change, for me, I had started something small and slowly. I now understand that as with cooking, (and most things) we just need to start small and practice, be willing to learn from the failure’s, to be able to move on, and improve. Remember, old people are good at gardening, because they’ve been doing it a very long time.

The joy I’m getting from growing, photographing, cooking, (next post to have the Pumpkin Phở recipe) and eating, that little pumpkin above, for me, is immense. This is why I enjoy blogging so much.

5 months of the little kitchen garden…..

Gardening success’s so far, have been…….The little wonder of the afore mentioned pumpkin above…..The pumpkin was growing in an upturned Ikea stool with another underneath. I just drilled a few holes in the bottom and scattered some bits of broken pots (called crocks) evenly in the base to help drainage, placing one piece of crock over each hole with a few inbetween.

Having a bay tree at hand.

Having lots of tomatoes and basil in the summer.

Having thyme, mint, sage and rosemary (and that bay) just outside my door now.

Things to learn….Well I forgot to bring the Dahlias in, so I think the cold killed them off, sadly…….(I really do love Dahlias. Mary Norden (Red Magazine) is my Dahlia buddy who loves them as much as me. But she’s a serious gardener!)

Using cracked mixing bowls as pots, was a nice idea, but they became waterlogged…..But I want to find other things to grow plants in rather than just  pots……

I need to look up feeding plants…..

This year I want to grow garlic and potatoes……Celery? how do I grow celery?…. …Rhubarb?…..courgettes….runner beans…..some edible Asian gourds….

Here’s Kitchen Garden No.4 with links to the previous Kitchen Garden posts.

Little note…..You need to water plant pots regularly, so don’t have too many…..

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