Veg Box No.16 Early February

Yes I know, I know I’ve been quiet the last week or so. But with the arrival of a new pup has meant sleepless nights, and lots of attention heading his way. I don’t have kids, but I’m getting an inkling of sleep deprivation, that’s not self inflicted by a night of dancing and partying. Oh dear……He’s chewing my computer wire as I type. Oh god….. If you want to check him out then see below, if not, as they say with the foot ball results, look away……

So on to the veg box. Wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Parsnips a-go-go, carrots, a red cabbage, 3 fat leeks, a head of garlic, a bag of chestnut mushrooms and a spring cabbage.

The thing with a veg box I find most tricky is the fact you can’t choose what you have, and you’re forced into eating something that maybe you don’t fancy. But in the name of the good and the organic, I persevere. I do actually enjoy the challenge, even though it doesn’t make me so happy with my lot initially, I’ll get over it, once I get inspired.

So what I’m thinking is…A parsnip Remoulade. A salad usually made with raw celeriac and a creamy mustardy dressing, but I’ll substitute raw parsnip, (Yes you can eat parsnips raw, just make sure they are very finely shredded or grated.) with some toasted hazelnuts crumbled in too…..BUT! instead I made Tofffee and Thyme Parsnips!…..

…..or maybe parsnip blinis (little light and airy pancakes)…..and then make a braised pot of¬†sausages with the leeks, (and Leek and Lamb Patties) cabbage, chestnut mushroom, sage brown butter and Parmesan, or something like that…..Carrots? well….we’ll see….Here’s Freddie!….


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4 Responses to Veg Box No.16 Early February

  1. flossybee says:

    Oh my god! Forget the veg box, freddie is gorgeous!!!! Can I see him (er I mean you, of course) next week?! Xxx

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