Carrot and Nigella Seed Mash

A very delicious and every so simple mash……Nigella (or Black Onion Seed or Kalonji as it’s also known) is a pungent little seed, of which I find it hard to describe the flavour. But it’s kind of peppery and nutty with a very slight oniony smell too. Don’t overdo it, as too much and it can be too bitter…….You would’ve seen it on sprinkled on Peswari nan in an Indian restaurant.


I bought my jar of Nigella seeds in Sainsbury’s, but other wise you’ll find them in Indian or Asian supermarkets and maybe in Middle Eastern stores too.


So to the mash…..Generously serves 2

about 750 g carrots, no need to peel, just scrub really well
a large knob of butter
1 teaspoon Nigella seeds
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Top and tail the carrots, chop into 5 cm pieces then steam or boil until tender and drain well.

2. Melt the butter in the dry pan you cooked the carrots in, add the seeds, let sizzle for about 20 seconds then return the carrots and mash well with a potato masher. Season well and serve. That’s it.

I had some left over and had it for breakfast….I melted  a small knob butter, added a large spoonful of the carrot mash, and reheated for about a minute. Then I poured in 2 eggs beaten with salt, pepper and a spoonful whipping cream. Stirred as for scrambled egg and served with a little feta crumbled over. Morning!

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