Veg Box No.17 mid -late February

So picked up my veg box from Organic Wick this morning. Same again. Except that it also  included beetroot and celeriac, of which I had stupidly bought both, a couple of days ago.  I’m starting to struggle with veg on repeat.

No disrespect to Organic Wick, it’s a veg box problem and I find it a real challenge when I don’t fancy eating parsnips or cabbage, again. It’s becoming a penance. Also I need to cut back on my carb intake, (it’s not healthy for me.) and all this winter veg, is killing me!

Anyhow, I swapped some spuds for those apples,  (the best apple I’ve had in a very long time and my favourite sort of apple. Really crisp, really firm, really juicey…..) and a ray of sunshine came in the form of a little bunch of red radishes. Now wouldn’t that make a gorgeous wedding bouquet?….

So in my medium veg box this week? 
Some parsnips
a celeriac
bunch radishes
bag of chestnut mushrooms
some leeks
a spring cabbage
3 apples

I better get on with that Roulade I mentioned last time, or maybe a winter slaw using really finely cut celeriac, beetroot, cabbage and parsnip. The radishes would be amazing very finely sliced and sprinkled over at the end. I’ll make it for lunch with some shredded cold roast chicken from last night and grainy mustard mayo too.

From the last box, I stir-fried leek with cabbage, crushed garlic and olive oil. I might do this again with mushrooms too, and have it with some of the feta I bought at local shop this morning. I like feta.

I really don’t fancy cooked parsnips this week.

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