Brief Encounter at the Troxy with the Secret Cinema

Me & Petra in our finest.

Image by Daniel Smith and Annie Nichols

You’ve missed it! But last night was the last night to watch the 1945 film Brief Encounter at The Troxy. The week long screenings were being held for the official launch of The Other Cinema, “a global network of pop up cinemas looking to bring back a sense of community, passion and a social experience to cinema-going.” It did all of this for me last night, and all done with swathes of glamour. (See also Secret Cinema,)

The Troxy was the most perfect location for such a glamourous night. In it’s glory days, (it opened in 1933) this beautiful cinema could seat 3520 people and was the height of sophistication in the East End.

Last night the space reverted to the grace of the 1940’s as a cinema, and cabaret club. Dancers, singers, performers, performed in front of us and with us, as characters in forties dress, interacted with the seated crowd. I needed a night to get glammed up, and what an opportunity. I loved it. Petra, Em and I loved it.

Brief Encounter is a brilliant old film. An old fashioned love film. You could of course download it, or watch it on DVD, but to watch it on the large screen in the shared company of good people, having good fun, then if you ever get a chance, seek out a Secret Cinema near you. A treat through and through.

Oh yea, and there was food on offer, pies, I remember, but we snacked on popcorn and Petra and Em, tucked into Jam Sponge with Birds Custard. Petra slowly gave me a contented custardy smile up from her portion……

Image by Secret Cinema

Today…….at the studio….

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