Veg Box No.18 Late February

So in my medium veg box from Organic Wick this week I had….

3 large leeks

A pile of sprouts – Oh no!

a few chestnut/portobello mushrooms

5 carrots

4 onions – Hurray as I had run out!

some small tomatoes on the vine

a cabbage – oh no…..

a red cabbage – oh no……

Left over from last week…..parsnips, a celeriac and 6 leeks……

When I was growing up my dad grew our veg and mum cooked it up. It was good food, but basic, and what you did then. But my two most hated veg for half of my life have been carrots and sprouts, because that’s what we had, very well cooked, week after week in the winter.

I now love carrots, but struggle with the sprout. They will have to be disguised in a cloak of tastiness with the mushrooms. I’m thinking Indian spices, cause they are on my mind.

Leeks….Leeks…..what shall I do with the leeks?…….Leek and Blue Cheese Custard maybe, draped with prosciutto, on top a green salad, maybe?…….

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