Eat with Art – Latitudinal Cuisine – Mile End Arts Pavilion

Image © Latitudinal Cuisine.

A couple of Sunday’s ago, my friend Gina Lundy invited me to a lunch, Eat With Art, at Mile End Arts Pavilion, where she was showing as part of Tower Hamlets Spring Open, Scale and Place. She was showing some of her layered, ghostly stunning photographs from her Games series inspired by the rapid development in the local area (my area!) in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. 

Image © Gina Lundy.

The art was curated by Alisn and Rise Art, and the lunch itself was organised by Latitudinal Cuisine who organise weekly dinners in London and around the world, whereby everyone books, cooks and turns up with a dish that reflects where they’re from. You present and explain your dish, then everyone talks about it, talks with each other, eats, drinks and shares what everyone has brought.

Held in the gallery itself, it’s a brilliant concept and brings together two things close to my heart, art and food. It’s a chance to meet the artists, eat a wide variety of food and chat to some lovely strangers!

Gina and I made some saffron meringue and roasted some rhubarb in my studio, (right by the Olympic stadium) the night before. Then the next day we whipped up some cream and mixed it all together with some passion fruit seeds. Gina named it The Hackney Mess. It was, and it was gorgeous. (recipe to follow.)

To join, or to see more photos from the day, go to Latitudinal Cuisine’s Facebook group.

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