Potato and Chilli Tart – From a book on potatoes, called Potatoes.

A long time ago, I wrote a book on potatoes. When I tell anyone this, they always ask me, what’s it called? and I of course say, Potatoes.

It’s true. I wrote a book on Potatoes, called Potatoes.

Potatoes, Ryland Peter’s and Small 1998.

a beautifully presented book to inspire your potato repetoir, 1 Nov 2000

By A Customer
This review is from: POTATOES: FROM GNOCCHI TO MASH. (Hardcover)

Beautiful photographs of potato recipes, ranging from the mouthwatering to the inspirational. Can you read this book and not rush to the kitchen? If you can, I feel sorry for you!

…….Just found that review a minute ago, as I went to find link…..

But yea, I hope it did get people in the kitchen. It’s looking dated, but the quality of recipes are there.

Potatoes by Annie Nichols, Ryland Peter’s and Small 1998.

I prefer the larger, original hard backed version the most. Potatoes, From Gnocchi to Mash In U.K. (or …to Fries U.S and various titles worldwide) It’s on Amazon from £0.01p at minute! so go get it, what’s to lose. You’ll only have to pay postage for goodness sake. It’s worth it for the recipe below, but also my favourite (and Paul’s) ever recipe for Dauphinois is in there too.

Top – Annie’s pics of Susie’s tart.

Bottom – Stacey’s pics of Stacey’s tart.

The pics above show Potato and Chilli Tart, which is one of my favourite recipes from the book. Karen reminded me that it was one of her favourite recipes from the book too. Hearing this, Susie, then Stacey decided to cook it up.  Susie and I didn’t get to taste Stacey’s tart,  but doesn’t it look great? Susie’s tart was so delicious. (There’s me, all ‘Miss ‘low carbs’……and enjoying every mouthful!)

……It’s worth making the pastry yourself, (especially having some chilli in there too.) if you can be bothered…..or buy ready-made…..

For the recipe in the book, I roast tomatoes to get an intense flavour. But for Susie’s pie, we heated a couple tablespoons of olive oil, and lightly fried a couple cloves garlic, then added a tin of tomatoes and reduced it down gently until thick and pasty. (this is also great as a pizza sauce.)

So Potato and Chilli Tart – From a book on potatoes, called Potatoes.

Back in January I made a similar tart. Leek, Dauphinois Tart. Both tarts need quite a large 25 cm tart tin. But the tin size is important, so that you get a thin delicate pastry crust, and a good ratio of cream to potatoes. It needs to be seasoned well and if you make a smaller tart, make sure the potato slices are even more thinly sliced.

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3 Responses to Potato and Chilli Tart – From a book on potatoes, called Potatoes.

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  2. Adrienne says:

    I have your book and eaten the chilli potato tart… absolutely delish!

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