One Pig – Matthew Herbert…..The Whole Hog Part One

Austerity measures/being skint, has meant I’ve been out very little recently and have needed to choose very carefully (as have most people…) what I spend my well earned cash on.

A few months ago my friend Yuki (Sugiura) booked us (Aya, Cara, Simon and me) tickets to see Matthew Herbert at the South Bank Centre this week. Who is Matthew Herbert? Well he’s an artist/muscian/performer/clever bugger….

To be quite honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except that I knew he had filmed and sound recorded the whole process of a pig’s life.

From it’s birth to it’s death, being butchered and then every part of the pig being prepared, cooked and eaten, Matthew recorded it all and then created a musical score of the sounds.

On the night five geeky men in white coats, (including Matthew) performed this music live, sampling sounds of the pig, and sounds created in the hall that night. The sounds of rustling hay, bones being hacksawed and pigs tails being cooked on stage, were used and sampled along with the sound of an unusual newly invented instrument. This resembled a boxing ring, within which  it was played, but the fine ropes were made of stretchy wire, that when pulled created an electronic wire sound.

The smell of hay and pig cooking drifted around us as we watched and listened to this strange performance of this experimental music.

All sound a bit weird? No not really. Matthew’s aim is to question the meat industry and he respectfully celebrates the life and death of the pig. Strangely the music is very touching.

Watch a film of Matthew explaining his project.

The end….

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