Instagram…..and Jubilee crowns

I know my postings have been a little sporadic recently and the only way to apologise is to say sorry, I’ve not been around, to explain that life is a bit mental at mo, and yes, life has got in the way. Apart from that, I’m addicted to Instagram…..I love it’s immediacy, I love knowing what other people are doing at the same time as me.

It’s also by image. Suits me down to the ground. I find, describing how I’m feeling or what I’m up to, by images, so much more satisfying.

These are some Jubilee crowns I made…from lists and recipes…

So check out what I’m up to on a daily basis through me @hotmealsnow (on Twitter & Instagram….and see how I’m seeing the world that day….

We’ve had a Diamond Jubilee weekend, which I’ve mostly spent inside having an indoor street party……The Royal flotilla was very British and safe. Why did I expect something else.
If we’re in austerity, I want some fantasy. Lots of gold, red, black and bear skins on heads. Not an ugly old tug that looked, as my friend Rob said, looked like a floating Chinese restuarant. Nothing wrong with that and we lived up to our British eccentricity.

There was complaint that Kate should never have worn red. Fuck off. What a ridiculous thing to say? They said she stood out. She stood out, because she blended in.

Funny eh.

Today I’m gonna attempt to fill you in on a few recipes etc from the last couple weeks……..

Ps Does Instagram/Facebook own the copy right to all images, even if the original image is not taken with it, but is then edited and imported through Instagram?

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