Crystallised Elderflowers and Elderflower Snow

I had to pick the elderflower heads in the rain on the morning of the lunch, so they were pretty soggy.  They say, you should pick the heads dry, just warm from the sun, to get the best flavour. I didn’t as the moisture on the petals helped the sugar to stick. We’ll see.

But by the time I got back in, most of the water had drained from the elderflowers, and the main heads were dropping tiny little cartoon flowers onto the table, when they were moved around.

So I shook the elderflower heads onto a tray of caster sugar……

First layer of elderflowers and sugar….

….Then I sprinkled with more sugar, then repeated this until I had done enough…..Leave them to dry for a few days and these little sugary flowers will crystallise, and the sugar surrounding them will wear it’s perfume……

….I’ve left it for nearly 3 days now, and once a day, I lift the sugar and flowers gently with my fingers and crush any large chunks with my fingertips, letting the little heads go and letting the sugary sand, sift through my fingers. This will make sure tiny, separate, sugary nuggets of elderflowers form, (not lots of hard chunks.) and create the perfumed elderflower snow.

Once all dampness has gone, I reckon I’ll spoon it into a sealed jar and scatter a couple of the crystallised little flowers into a glass of Prosecco, (as adding elderflower cordial can be a bit much) and I’ll think of other ways of using the fragrant elderflower snow….

I also made an Elderflower Jubilee cocktail with gin and lemon, Elderflower Tempura…..then the rest of the elderflower heads I plonked in glass jars and jelly moulds to decorate the table along with some Sloe branches.

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