How to boil eggs?

Another of my desert island dishes.

How to boil eggs? ……

How to hard boil an egg?

The easiest way for me is to gently lower the eggs into boiling water and set the timer on my phone… I will always find something to distract me…..

So for a soft, slightly gooey yolk, but with a set white, time your eggs like this…

Hens eggs 7- 8 minutes
Duck eggs (as they’re bigger) 9-10 minutes
Quails eggs (as they are smaller) 2 ½ minutes

Little note…..If boiled eggs have a horrid clay grey colour around the yolk when boiled, then they have been mightily over cooked. (They are not stale eggs as some people claim and the yolk will also be chalky in texture.)

How to soft boil an egg, same method, but different timings…

Hens eggs 4-5 minutes
Duck eggs 6-7 minutes
Quails eggs  still 2 ½ minutes (you wouldn’t actually want to boil these for any less as they’d be pretty impossible to peel and scoop out.)

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