Feather Wreaths and Feather Headdress’s – LOVE and ‘The Black and White Christmas Market’

Recently I posted these images on Instagram, (hotmealsnow) and thought these beauties deserved another viewing. On the right and left, are Bamileke feather headdress’s, (Made by the Bamileke people of the Western Highlands of Cameroon’s West Province) using chicken feathers. (the red obviously dyed.) The beautiful white feather wreath in the centre, (and below) is made by my sister Jane, (in the West Country of England!) using goose and turkey feathers.

Keep 1st and 2nd December free in your diaries as I’ll be holding another Christmas Market,  ‘The Black and White Christmas Market’ (full of lots of gorgeous food & things to buy) and maybe, just maybe, Jane will be making a few of her feather wreaths to sell….Watch this space…..

I found the Bamileke headdress’s in one of my favourite London shops. Pelicans & Parrots. Like I said on Instagram, a shop I wish I owned.

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