Blood oranges are in…..

20130221_bloodorangesInstagram_0770These tissue wrapped beauties came from Cobbs Farm shop in Hungerford, Berkshire, which I picked up on my way back from Somerset.

This week I also had a freshly squeezed glass of the bloody nectar at Rochelle Canteen and it was some of the best I have ever tasted….next only to the Sicilian blood orange juice I tasted whilst working in Sicily….

I hate the fact that some of the supermarkets call ‘blood’ oranges ‘blush’ or ‘reds’ Are we so fragile as consumers we can’t cope with the word blood anymore? ….blood….blood….blood…..

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1 Response to Blood oranges are in…..

  1. Hard to come by down here, or so it seems. However, the French are very keen on their version of marmalade, called “Oranges Ameres” which says to me that Blood Oranges have got to around somewhere.

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