Veg Box No.19 Organic Wick – Early April

Last Saturday, if you follow me on instagram you’ll know, I picked up my first Organic Wick veg box in about a year.

…..and this was in my ‘small fruit box’ and ‘medium veg box’ this week…
Bag carrots….
Bunch Swiss chard…
1 small savoy cabbage…
1 small green cabbage….
Some little red apples….
A few blood oranges…
1 pink grapefruit….
2 bags Wild Chickweed
bag of mustard spinach
bunch bananas

and I bought some eggs from them too…

And this is what I made with it all…

Weekend brunch –  I blanched the heart/tender centre of savoy cabbage the little green cabbage’s heart too. I boiled eggs softly and served with chicory leaves, sea salt flakes, freshly crushed black pepper, and melted butter for dipping and slurping all the leaves.

I had a couple slices of prosciutto with mine, and smoked salmon would work, as would blanching the Swiss chard leaves and using them to dip too)

Slow cooked Cabbage soup/broth with lemon and thyme – Lovely and juicey…..Using the rest of savoy cabbage, green cabbage, swiss chard stalks. (adding the chard leaves at end) stirring in a spoonful of Chickweed and Toasted Pecan Teradot sauce, (see beow) at the end….

Next day I added some of the mustard spinach leaves, (and some frozen peas ) and served with soft boiled eggs, and a spoonful of Chickweed Pesto,,,,,,

Winter slaw – with carrot, chicory, cabbage, apple, pink grapefruit, crème fraiche, grainy mustard and lemon. I served this with homemade fried chicken (with a roast garlic and 5 spice crust) and some extra chicory leaves and chickweed on the side.

Chickweed Toasted Pecan Teradot Sauce– Roast pecans, tahini, chickweed, olive oil & preserved lemon. Brilliant sauce for barbecued stuff…..or as a dip…..on pasta….with boiled or poached eggs…..stir some through creme fraiche…..

Chickweed pesto –I served it with the cabbage soup, but use like the Teradot sauce above.

I squeezed and drank the blood oranges – Sadly this will probably be my last glass of the season til next year.

Finally I made a Thai Carrot Yellow Curry with the remaining carrots from last weeks veg box, and a couple of onions and the two turnips from this weeks box…..The turnips worked a treat…



So…..late February, last winter, when seasonal produce was at it’s driest, I really struggled. Loads of potatoes in the box were not useful to me, (even though as you may know, I wrote a book on potatoes!) or loads of parsnips, sprouts, (one veg I can’t really stomach) turnips, and don’t get me started on cabbages….The quality of the produce was brilliant at Organic Wick, and I mean that. But this kind of hefty veg wasn’t working for me, especially living on my own.

So the main reason I had stopped getting a veg box and struggled before, was because, I was, and still am, trying not to eat too many carbs. (Stop your yawning, it’s just because I really do feel better for it……So pack your scoffing away, along with your comment on how Dr Atkins died from a heart attack, or some such.)……

Anyhow, never say never. I’ve gone back! Colin who now runs Organic Wick, listened to what I had to say, took potatoes off my order and this week gave me extra Wild Chickweed in stead. The medium veg box and small fruit box had a really good balance of ingredients in the box. Colin pointed out how good it was to see different varieties of the same vegetable, even cabbages, of which there were two. (It was good they’re small too, which are so much easier to deal with.)

I’m happy!

I’ve really enjoyed cooking up the box this week and managed to write 8 recipes so far. I will post up a few of them, especially the really useful, Wild Chickweed, Toasted Pecan and Lemon Teradot Sauce which I’ll do next and a few more in the coming days.

Colin at Organic Wick talked of a food festival here in Hackney Wick late April…..Check the Organic Wick site for details soon…

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