Dead Flowers. Day thirteen. #deadflowers2studioe2

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll be familiar with my Dead Flowers series.

Dead Flowers. Day thirteen. #deadflowers2studioe2 (detail)


It started quite by accident. As I was about to throw some dead flowers away one day, when I realised they still had a kind of beauty in them, and I laid them on the floor where I was standing. I have taken a picture of them (#deadflowersstudioe2) and posted them up every day since then, about a month ago. (You’ll see them in my blog header above and in the previous and next post with the veg boxes.)

When my next lot of spring flowers were at their limpest, I lifted them out their vase and this time I lay them on a small white canvas, and once again I have photographed them daily. This is what you see above

I randomly add dead flowers to the pile sporadically.

Dead Flowers. Day thirteen. #deadflowers2studioe2 (detail)

They gain a new painterly life and beauty……..

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2 Responses to Dead Flowers. Day thirteen. #deadflowers2studioe2

  1. Beautiful still lives of a lovely idea.

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