Beetroot powder and beetroot ink and beetroot art


I really like beetroot.

This week when shopping for a food styling job, I came across beetroot powder in the spice section of Wholefoods.

#curious I said on Instagram…..

Sprinkle on meringues said @ellypear and @caroltennant and @ayamochen suggested tandoori chicken.

As I was thinking about it…….I watered some of the powder down and used it to quickly paint over a painting with it.

I remembered I had a couple of raw beetroot in the fridge. I’m gonna make my own powder I said to @caroltennant

I peeled and thinly sliced one of them, then very slowly dried the slices in the oven for hours.

Then I whizzed up the crispy oven dried beetroot, til it formed a powder.

I boiled the other beetroot and used the juice with gum arabic to make paint….

In the montage above you’ll see all this process and my tests using it in my most recent art work…..all work in progress…..

….When Lauren  and George come over tomorrow morning (to make sour dough waffles) I’m going to make Beetroot and Brown Sugar Floating Islands……. which translates as softly poached beetroot and brown sugar meringues, (using the beetroot powder) floating in a soup of chocolate custard…


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3 Responses to Beetroot powder and beetroot ink and beetroot art

  1. Beautiful images and cool idea. Love the drawing on black.

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  3. Thank you once again for your constant enthusiasm. It’s good to know someone’s out there!

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