Gingerbread Block of Flats


Gingerbread Block of Flats 2002. (detail)

Yesterday I went for a group interview to hopefully take part in a really exciting local arts project. I so hope I get a place as it will be making a piece of art communally with, about and for my local community…..Watch this space…

Another applicant Emily, was really into building gingerbread structures with and for other people, (we swapped numbers) and it reminded me of this piece I made for a group show back in 2002, a year after I graduated.

Gingerbread Block of Flats

Gingerbread Block of Flats 2002.

At the time I shared a damp and dank studio on the corner of Columbia Road, (long since redeveloped) with friends Lou and Rosie from art school and we opened up our space for our show, ‘Wild Animals I have Known’.

Gingerbread Block of Flats 4

I spent days designing and baking the block of flats, and assembled it the night before the show in the studio.

The next day, I had a phone call to say the block of flats had collapsed!……I rushed in and sure enough, although still standing, it had been raining outside and the damp in the studio was hanging in the air. All the sugar windows had melted and run out, taking the chewing gum balconies with them.

At first I was horrified, but then quickly I fell in love with this Dystopian landscape as the piece had ironically taken on a life of it’s own…… These are the ‘before’ pictures……I’ll post the ‘after’ pictures later….

GingerbreaddetailAnd here’s a link to another project I worked on a few years ago. For 3 months I was artist in residence (with 2 other artists in conjunction with Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships.) at 3 primary schools in Essex. The idea was to encourage learning of maths and English to children who struggled with either or both subjects, using art and cookery.

Gingerbread played a part here too as we learnt weights, measures, methods, then 2d to 3d structures, by turning gingerbread tiles into cubes. Pretty tricksy stuff to make with 7-8 year olds, but boy was I proud of them!


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