Sugar Free! My sugar free year. Day two


So my journey has begun….. No processed sugar for a year….. This is day two…..

Yesterday, I felt almost relieved I had given up sugar. I felt liberated.

As I have said before, this reminds me of giving up smoking over 9 years ago. Psyching myself up for that challenge really helped. I had planned a date to give up smoking well ahead of time. When that time arrived, I (really) wanted to give up. I was ready to give up and it was time.

It’s the same about me giving up sugar, I’ve been leading to this date for the last few months, and now I feel totally ready. And it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.


Read some basics on the subject. Remember we are all different. This is just my story and what seems to work for me. But think about YOU and how YOU eat. What will YOU really miss? What foods do YOU really like and why? What foods do YOU really dislike and why? Don’t force yourself initially to eat things you really hate. You’ll never sustain it.

Don’t panic that you haven’t got every single ingredient that’s recommended you should eat or drink, once you’ve given up. I’ve done quite a bit of reading on lots of stuff to do with giving up sugar, diets and the politics of. But I would recommend you don’t read too much. Be careful not to overload yourself with information.

What definitely works for me is a high protein and high fat diet. It keeps me full and means I don’t really snack. I will be avoiding bread and will eat carbs in moderation.

Absolutely no booze – Yep that sounds boring, but it’s full of sugar that turns almost immediately to fat….

I won’t be using artificial sweetners. (not even herbal Stevia!) I never liked them before, so why would I add them now……and I don’t want to use overly sweet Agave or other syrups, or overdo the amount of fruit I eat……

No bread, by which I mean, no refined white flour or yeast…..

Buy just enough foods to last only the first couple days. I made a gorgeous, rich Ragu and served it with smashed avocado with spring onion and fresh tomatoes……then froze the rest in old takeaway containers for emergency meals another day.

Emergency snacks – I bought a big bag of almonds in their skins and roasted them all. I drizzled them with olive oil and sea salt whilst still warm, set aside half of them for emergency snacking and whizzed the rest into almond butter and ate some of this with tender celery hearts.

A few other things I stocked up on. Ripe avocadoes, tins of tuna, some mixed olives, eggs and a couple salad ingredients.

I will miss sugar and I am giving it up for quite a long period of time. I am doing it for charity, but that’s not a totally selfless act as it just keeps me on the straight and narrow. I know myself too well. If I didn’t do it for charity, I’d say, “Oh it won’t matter if I have a little bit/just one/just a spoonful/capful…..”……adlib til fade…

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