No sugar ta. I’m fine.

sugarloafwalkmontage.jpgOk, it’s over a week of no sugar, and it’s felt very straight forward.

I really have been feeling liberated from sugar. I realise now that I was such a slave to it.PersimmonLime

Persimmons are in season. Slice and squeeze with lime…

It really helped me think about this early. I knew I would give up sugar either late October/early November. By the time I got there, I’d had time to get my head round the idea more. I felt ready.

For a long time now, I’ve been interested in how you get to this point? And how do you enable/empower someone else to give something up they really want to give up, but can’t? And why do people go to such extremes, before they do something to change things?

But for me right now, the whole this week has been relatively easy. I ate porridge every morning, and kept a few fruits at hand. (though I don’t want to eat too many) I bought a large bag of almonds, roasted them and kept some as a snack, and whizzed the rest to make almond butter.

On Thursday I left a long gap between my porridge and my next meal. It was late afternoon and I suddenly noticed me craving sugar. I was irritable and then I suddenly realised I was thinking about an alcoholic drink! (Red wine and gin and tonic came to mind)

Instead I heated up one of my emergency homemade ragus from the freezer and that really levelled myself out again.

Oh yes, I did have a headache the first couple days. But not anymore.

I haven’t really craved anything. The thing is, when I don’t eat sweet things, I don’t crave sweet things. And on the whole I’m not really snacking because I feel full all the time.

I feel lighter somehow and already healthier.

Like I said, liberated.

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