Stour Space Christmas Market Hackney Wick

20141206_December_4146Small Dead Lemons Scarf 2014 Hand screen-printed, then hand painted by me, here in Hackney Wick, East London. 180 x 50 cm grey, cotton mix, soft jersey.

So an eventful few days which saw the cafe I was showing my work in, close on Tuesday, without notice and with immediate effect. GAWD.

BUT!! local gallery Stour Space offered me a space to show my work this Saturday (13th December) at their Christmas Market in their main space. Oh come all ye yayful!….

Every piece from this series of work is completely unique. Once printed they are hand finished and coloured, then signed and individually numbered.

Old Ford Lock Scarf 2014 – 1 m x 1m sq Black, cotton mix, soft jersey.20140612_JuneBWSMALL_4198 PAPER PRINTS Hand screen-printed then hand painted using pastel and food colouring in Hackney Wick, East London. Dead lemons, Old Ford Lock, Winnie’s Victoria Sponge, Tree Vicky Park, Primrose Hill (Top) and Chimney Bow Somewhere 2014 (More details to follow in next post.)

Freckle_Shopping_bag_4163MediumFRECKLE SHOPPING BAG 2014 A limited edition of only 14 bags. The linen and canvas fabric has been hand screen-printed with an image of my freckled skin. Then each bag is handmade, then signed and numbered.

They are a good large size long bag (50 x 35 cm) so your baguette, bunch of herbs, or long leafy veg doesn’t flap around:) With short handles, and a long one to sling across your body, so you can be hands free to do more shopping. Made in Hackney, East London.

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