Hashtag Sugar Rush #sugarrush

If you follow me at all, you will be aware that I’ve been on my own sugar-free year (my own, self-imposed personal sugar ban!), for over 10 months now. Because of this, I now understand sugar consumption and how it has affected/affects me so much more, and I am so much happier and healthier than before.

So with great interest, I’ve just watched ‘Sugar Rush’, Jamie Oliver’s programme on sugar consumption and it’s affect on global health.

You need to watch it… it’s a shocker.


Obesity and type 2 diabetes are increasing in children (and adults) the world over and something needs to be done about this.

For a start…..Sign Jamie’s petition to tax sugary drinks.

I do believe we need to place a tax on sugar, as it won’t get better on it’s own.


Well done Jamie! #sugarrush

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