Eat My Words

Just over a month ago at the Barbican in London, I presented Eat My Words, a new light and sound installation created whilst part of an arts and digital residency at Fish Island Labs in Hackney Wick, East London. (see previous posts)

EMWTonight 30th September, and tomorrow night 1st October 2015, I am presenting Eat My Words again, this time at:

Print Club Gallery, Millers Avenue (Just off Arcola Street), Dalston, E8 2DS.

You’ll be able to walk around the reconstruction of my kitchen where the cake was baked, walk over digital mapping of the cake making journey, eat freshly made Victoria Sponge Cake and listen to the sounds of the cake making and baking…..Please come along and say hi.

You may know the history of the piece, but as a summary….I have spent my whole life working in food, and within my own family, food was an important part of life and was very much how my mother (Winnie) conveyed her love for us five children and showed her emotion through feeding us generously and well.

Winnie baked cakes all the time and ‘the cake tin’ was rarely empty. She was most famed for her Victoria Sponge Cake. Her sponge rose high and golden from a light hand and rich local eggs. She then filled it, whilst still warm, with homemade jam and dusted it lightly with icing sugar.

Upon her death 3 years ago, I felt the need to recreate her cake from a hand written recipe she had given me a few years previously. I did this with sound.

Working with the sound artist Christin Rauter we recorded the sounds (no voices), of me preparing, making and baking the cake.

In the middle of recording I realised the cake recipe was wrong and written incorrectly! I panicked, felt saddened, then smiled. There was nothing I could do, except carry on….

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