All about Me


Art making. Food making. Pictures taken.

I’m an artist that cooks a lot of food.

…I originally trained and worked as a chef in hotels and restaurants, here in the U.K. Switzerland and Australia.

…I then became a professional Food Stylist, preparing and cooking food for photography for books, magazines, packaging and advertising, working with lots of top chefs.

…I travelled twice a year, for about 12 years, to South-West Sicily to teach Sicilian cookery to English speaking clients with the wonderful Maxine Clark.

…Amidst all of this I took 4 years out to study a full-time Foundation then a B.A. in Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art, (now part of University of the Arts, London) graduating 2001. Food and theories on food and consumption, often inform my artwork.

…I continually work on my art practice…

…I’m a cookery writer too. I was the columnist of Cheat’s Dinner Party in Stella Magazine (The Sunday Telegraph), from 2007-2011.

…In 2011 I created a cookbook celebrating the Cheat’s Dinner Party column (Dinner at Mine, Kyle Books), containing 52 seasonal menus and their recipes. I styled and photographed the book myself.

…I write very good, simple, seasonal recipes, that are packed full of flavour.

…I am now a resident of Fish Island Labs, an arts and technology incubator run by the Barbican and The Trampery. This is very exciting and very healthy for my art making. We are planning a group show of our work at the Barbican in August 2015.

…You will see from my Instagram thread, I’m a prolific photographer. I just can’t help myself.

…I am still food styling and dance whenever I can….

Portrait by Gino Sprio

2 Responses to All about Me

  1. I rarely say this but that’s such a good idea for a book. My wife has been saying someone should write exactly that book on a regular basis for the last 40 years. I very much like your blog.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Which book idea?! My Dinner at Mine?
    I honestly do love blogging/internet. It’s where I can pour out the endless multitude of stuff I do.

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