Dinner at Mine (Kyle Books, October 2011)

52 seasonal, easy and reasonably priced three course menus, (and all the separate recipes included.) for 6 people, cooked in about an hour.

This is a selection of my Cheat’s Dinner Party menus from my column in Stella Magazine. (The Sunday Telegraph.) I photographed this myself at home in my studio, using all my stuff I’ve collected over a life time.

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Potatoes (Rylands Peters and Small 1998)
My favourite recipe for Dauphinois is in here, (and it’s here on the blog too.) and lots of other lovely potato recipes too. Sold over 190,000 worldwide and was awarded the Diplôme d’Honneur at the Salon International du Livre Gourmand Périgueux, France 1998. Sophia Loren beat me to the top prize with her own cookbook! What an honour!
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Barbecues (Hamlyn 1995)

I still love the original of this little book. When it came out there was nothing else like it on the market. All barbecue books were just about bad sausages, burgers and veg skewers.

James Merrell took the atmospheric photographs and I barbecued like crazy on location from rooftops, back yards and back steps all over London to gardens in the countryside, by rivers, in the car, by the sea, all the way to Dungeness. The recipes still feel contemporary now. A version of this was published for Marks & Spencer later, but I prefer this original one above.

You can buy it from Abe Books for anything between 62p and £20.47! I don’t get royalties on this, (I was young and foolish!) but it is a really good little book.

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