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How to boil eggs?

Another of my desert island dishes. How to boil eggs? ……

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Tonight we just screen printed a small amount of Dinner At Mine aprons……

For Christmas Dinner at Mine……..If you’d like one, let me know……

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Signed, stamped, sealed and delivered Dinner At Mine……

50 copies have been signed and specially stamped with the Dinner At Mine stamp. Get set go!…… As you’ve probably gathered the launch of Dinner At Mine was a huge success but for those who didn’t get a chance to … Continue reading

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Here is my mandoline. A brilliant little gadget for slicing vegetables thinly. (esp. for potaotes, see Boulangere and Dauphinois recipes) I’ve had mine about 10 years and it’s still going strong. I like this one cause it’s light, (plastic) not … Continue reading

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Tête de Moine (Monks Head cheese) and Girolles

I bought one of these Girolles when I worked in Switzerland years ago. Basically a cheese called Tête de Moine, (Monks Head) is speared to a stand and then a handle, with a blade attached, is drawn around  that shaves the top … Continue reading

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Pestle and Mortar

I can never remember which part of a pestle and mortar is the pestle and which part is the mortar. So I Googled. These two images sat side by side in the results……. I won’t forget now.

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A mandolin is not a crucial piece of equipment, but when it comes to quickly, evenly cut, sliver thin pieces of vegetable, (ie for a Gratin or Dauphinois.) this is the tool. Be careful. Everyone will cut themselves on it … Continue reading

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Pasta Machine (Sam/Ross and Daniel do dinner for La and I.)

Sam and Daniel do dinner.

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