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Spiced Gluten Free Fried Chicken

My latest version of fried chicken, this time it’s gluten-free

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Spelt Scones, in fact, Spelt and Wild Garlic Scones

Easy peasy. Spelt and Wild Garlic Scones First pick a handful of wild garlic leaves……worth the effort….usually I can find a few clumps of it in Wick Woodlands near where I live……OR today I spotted growing pots of it at Panzers …. not … Continue reading

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Seville Orange Curd

No excuses, just a new post……Hoo-friggin- yay! Seville Orange Curd I had bought some Seville oranges form my local organic veg box scheme, (Organic Wick) they sat in my fruit bowl….and sat….and sat…..and sat….until I eventually got round to making … Continue reading

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Gilbert and George – Gordon’s Makes Us Drunk 1972

It’s Christmas and time to get drunk. Very drunk.. I love this short film of the artists Gilbert and George getting drunk (very drunk) on Gordon’s gin.

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Beetroot and Brown Sugar Floating Islands on a Chocolate Custard Sea

6.4 I had borrowed Lauren’s vintage American waffle iron and she had borrowed my Sicilian cake stand for ages and ages. We both felt guilty. Today we did an amnesty and swapped objects. George made his sour dough waffle batter, … Continue reading

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Paper Air Planes

I have a fascination for paper. It stems from being a kid. I was always drawing or making something and my dad used to bring extra home from work. I make paper wreaths, pom poms and flowers from it using … Continue reading

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Studio E2 this week – A veg box catch up.

One whopping long post…catch up time….. …….So I’m at the end of last weeks veg box, and I’ve friggin got my Organic Wick order in too late for this week. Bummer. But!…. I’ve had a good week playing with the last … Continue reading

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Veg Box No.20 April

So this is what I had in my ‘small fruit box’ and ‘medium veg box’ from Organic Wick last weekend…. 2 turnips, 5 onions, 2 green peppers, broccoli, mixed young salad leaves, flat mushrooms, little apples, Kiwis, a pineapple and … Continue reading

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