Mapping my kitchen in a Fish Island Lab

A little about what I’ll be showing this weekend at the Barbican


Barbican, London 21-23 August 2015


I applied to become an artist in residence of Fish Island Labs, when living on Fish Island in Hackney Wick, East London. I had graduated from Central Saint Martins back in 2001, and although I had continued with my art practice, in early 2008 I moved to Hackney Wick to a live/work warehouse, so I could easily combine my work as a food stylist and cookery writer, and make my art.

Last year, when I applied, and was accepted, to join FIL, I was at a point with my art practice, where I wanted to push it’s boundaries and shake up my thinking.

Joining this arts and technology incubator I wanted to be stimulated and exposed to new digital technologies within this young community of people with a different knowledge than my own and to start to look at how I could possibly include these in my art practice. But not technology for technologies sake, I hasten to add!

My two installations for our group show Interfaces, this weekend at the Barbican, shows how technology has started to influence my work.

For years now I’ve been interested in the performance of cooking in the kitchen. The repeat journey’s we make. The marks we make, and leave over time, because of them.

Most kitchen layouts are designed using a classic work triangle. It’s a concept used to determine the most efficient use of space in a kitchen, usually between the cooker, fridge and the sink.

But I’m also interested in the different journeys we might make for creating, making and baking different recipes. What would the journeys look like if we could visualise them? I thought of walking through paint to give a manual vision, but I wanted to see what else I could do.

For the Interfaces show I have created Eat My Words. A light and sound installation based on the making of my Mum, Winnie’s, Victoria Sponge Cake recipe, of which she was famed. The sound artist Christin Rauter, recorded the sounds of me making the cake in my kitchen in Hackney Wick, and I’ve recreated the outline of my kitchen as a light installation.

But I also wanted to visually record the cake making journey and after many conversations with another member of FIL, David Hunter, who creates interactive experiences and data-driven design, he helped me to create a digital visualisation of my cake.

David produced digital mapping of me making the cake, using my body movements within the space. This created beautiful, frenzied images of the recipe making which you’ll be able to see reconstructed within the installation.

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Interfaces Fish Island Labs at the Barbican

Interfaces Fish Island LabsIf you didn’t know by now, I am part of a group show at the Barbican in London 21-23 August 2015. You’ll find more information about me and the work I am going to show when you scroll under ‘Artists’ at our new website which has just been launched today. So please go and have a look and share it if you can. #filinterfaces

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