What’s in your fridge?

I’m very nosey when it comes to other peoples fridge contents…don’t worry there’s usually something dodgy festering in the back of mine too….oh yes and you may know, I keep tennis balls in my freezer to hide them from the dog….

“For market research companies and retailers, the humble fridge is a mine of useful data about our changing tastes and economic aspirations.”

Click on the fridge to see the BBC vid.


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The Katering Show – We Quit Sugar – funny, very, very funny!

‘In an attempt to live forever, and become just like their Instagram idol, Sarah Wilson, McCartney and McLennan give up the sweet stuff; sugar.’

Please Note: This episode is booze, sugar, gluten, fructose, lactose and personality-free.

This comes recommended by the photographer Paul Winch-Furness who I’ve been working with the last couple days. He’s been playing some of The Katering Show to us in between shots. It’s a genius show. Here’s Kate and Kate’s episode on giving up sugar!

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How to Chop Ginger Video

I’ve been using a fair bit of fresh ginger recently due to an enthusiasm for NutriBullet blitzing most raw vegetables and fruit in sight!

In the winter months it’s been a great way to get a load of raw food into my diet as a powerful juice, which I neck down first thing in the morning for breakfast. (usually followed by porridge and coffee….)

So I’m reposting this little chopping ginger video I made, as one of a series, a few years ago.

Peel the ginger first by scraping the thin skin away with the tip of a teaspoon.

For breakfast today I whizzed up carrot, golden beetroot, celery leaf, fennel, apple and ginger…Boom!

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Just do it – Just tried it

JUST Tried it

JUST TRiED IT Graffiti, Hackney Wick, East London, 2015.

So it’s 4 months today that I gave up sugar and alcohol for a year. Still going strong…

It took me a long time to build myself up to the date when I felt ready to do it.

Once again, to the ‘Just do it’ brigade who believe everyone should just get on with it….

If it was that simple we’d all just do it…..

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Slim spray?!! Say whhattt!! Pllleease!!!

cropped-tulipsmontagefive.jpgOf all the most ridiculous spam emails I get regarding slimming and claims for losing weight quickly, This ‘Slim Spray’ has to take the (low-fat) biscuit for the biggest con so far! See last post…. Continue reading

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Health foods? – Don’t, don’t don’t don’t believe the hype!

In response to my last post, Diana Henry tweeted me and we had a twitter chat re healthy eating and ‘crank’ diets.

I just had to post this after Diana’s last tweet…”I don’t eat anything with health claims. That’s the first thing. DON’T BELIEVE THE CLAIMS!”…She’s so right!

Public Enemy – Don’t believe the hype

You can see our Twitter conversation here in the side bar….

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Sugar-free? – No I’m not on a fad diet

Fad diets – Full of nonsense promises

What brought me to the position of giving up sugar, wasn’t just a spur of the moment idea, a fad diet, or that I intended it to be a quick fix. Far from it. I have been interested in and researching the origins of sugar, the sugar trade (and consequent slave trade), the refining of, uses and consumption of sugar, for quite a while now.

A few years ago I read The Diet Delusion by Gary Taubes, which really made me sit up and think. Here Taubes explains the debate on the so called healthy, low-fat, high-carb diet. Continue reading

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Sugar Skull – Sweet Skull

A friend of mine, the photographer Rob White, made this cute (if you can call skulls cute!), sugar cube skull, stop-animation.
‘Sweet Skull’
Very fitting for my sugar free year don’t you think?!…

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