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Beetroot and Brown Sugar Floating Islands on a Chocolate Custard Sea

6.4 I had borrowed Lauren’s vintage American waffle iron and she had borrowed my Sicilian cake stand for ages and ages. We both felt guilty. Today we did an amnesty and swapped objects. George made his sour dough waffle batter, … Continue reading

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Sweet Sweetcorn Polenta with Roasted Greengages, Plums and Nectarines

In a previous post you’ll see I made fresh sweetcorn polenta, (sort of creamed corn.) using the fresh corn kernels stripped from it’s cob. Luckily part of our seasonal shopping haul on Monday at Ridley Road was sweetcorn still wrapped up in … Continue reading

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Rhubarb and Passion Fruit Mess – The Hackney Mess (A.K.A Annie and Gina G’s Rhubarb, Passion Fruit and Saffron Hackney Mess)

What a mess! Another version of this slatheringly yummy desert. Both rhubarb and passion fruit in season right now. Annie and Gina G’s Rhubarb and Passion Fruit Hackney Mess Made specially for Latitudinal Cuisine’s Eat With Art Serves about 8…..

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Eat with Art – Latitudinal Cuisine – Mile End Arts Pavilion

Image © Latitudinal Cuisine. A couple of Sunday’s ago, my friend Gina Lundy invited me to a lunch, Eat With Art, at Mile End Arts Pavilion, where she was showing as part of Tower Hamlets Spring Open, Scale and Place. She was showing … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Puddings – Hot Cross Bunnies

Crusty on the outside with a gloriously gooey custardy middle….Another easy recipe from Dinner at Mine.….yesterday for our Easter brunch I added a few chocolate chips too….. You can use ramekins, but I used mugs to make them in, and … Continue reading

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Sicily Unpacked – That’s my Sicily. Not theirs. Not yours. But mine. So jealous….

I hate to admit it but I am very jealous of Georgio Locatelli, (and desperately covet his book Made In Sicily) and Andrew Graham-Dixon, in Sicily Unpacked. That is my Sicily they are showing you. Not theirs. Not yours. But … Continue reading

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Treacle Nut Tart a Dinner At Mine recipe in Style magazine today……

  My Treacle Nut Tart recipe sharing the page in Style magazine with Heston’s and Ferran Adria’s don’t you know…..A twist on the classic, it’s a very good recipe and one of Petra and Gina’s favourites……Best served warm with runny … Continue reading

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Cobbler – Plum, Nectarine, Apricot and Apple Cobbler – What a lovely load of old cobbler!….

I had accumulated a lot of late summer and early autumn fruit that I needed to use…..Use what you fancy….I also crumbled some marzipan into the cobbler top for a nice little change to the norm. But you don’t have … Continue reading

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