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Spelt Scones, in fact, Spelt and Wild Garlic Scones

Easy peasy. Spelt and Wild Garlic Scones First pick a handful of wild garlic leaves……worth the effort….usually I can find a few clumps of it in Wick Woodlands near where I live……OR today I spotted growing pots of it at Panzers …. not … Continue reading

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Studio E2 this week – A veg box catch up.

One whopping long post…catch up time….. …….So I’m at the end of last weeks veg box, and I’ve friggin got my Organic Wick order in too late for this week. Bummer. But!…. I’ve had a good week playing with the last … Continue reading

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Love cookies Love is in the air…..everywhere….

Make some cookies. Make some icing. Go crazy and have fun! Happy Valentines day! Happy Birthday Freya! X

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Swiss Roll with Blackberry and Damson Jam, Slathered in Lemon Frosting – A.K.A Flossy’s Birthday Cake 2012

Swiss Roll with Blackberry and Damson Jam, Slathered in Lemon Frosting A.K.A Flossy’s Birthday Cake 2012 For each Swiss Roll

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The Food We Eat – The Food Programme Saturday 3rd March 2012

The Food We Eat The Food Programme This aired on Saturday and is very interesting listening on food and nutrition. Joanna Blythman talking lots of sense again, and Michael Pollan too who I hadn’t heard before. Have a listen, the programme touches … Continue reading

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Marshmallows – Little Fluffy Clouds – Easy when you know how……

Sorry about this, but the easiest way to make this recipe, is with a free standing mixer, as you need to beat the mixture for ages. A hand held electric whisk would be ok, but be prepared to beat for … Continue reading

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Chocolate Beetroot Cherry Brownies

Chocolate Beetroot Cherry Brownies Beetroot Chocolate Cherry Brownies Cherry Chocolate Beetroot Brownies Chocolate Cherry Beetroot Brownies…….adlib to fade…… Chocolate Beetroot Cherry Brownies A modern day Black Forest Gateau……kinda….. Beetroot keeps it all good and moist…….fudgy, chocolate heaven….. Makes 1 x 25 … Continue reading

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Lemonade and Lemonade Lollies

Cordials, lemonades and lollies. Ice lollies are easily made with cordial and homemade, if you can be bothered, are even better. You can buy ice lolly holders, but small empty yoghurt pots work really well.  (see just here above)   … Continue reading

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